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    Welcome to Recovery products of Recovery Toolbox

    Products for Microsoft® Outlook® Express
    OE-Mail Recovery logo OE-Mail Recovery
    Recover data from damaged DBX files of Microsoft Outlook® Express, recovery deleted emails. It is Outlook Express repair tool.
    Password Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Express logo Password Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Express
    Password recovery tool for accounts and identities of Microsoft Outlook® Express
    Outlook Express Backup Toolbox
    Backup and restore the Outlook Express messages, news, accounts, rules, settings and so on.
    Products for Microsoft® Outlook®
    Outlook Recovery Toolbox logo Outlook Recovery Toolbox
    Recover data from damaged PST & OST files of Microsoft Outlook®
    Password Recovery Toolbox for Outlook logo Password Recovery Toolbox for Outlook
    Password recovery tool for accounts and files of Microsoft Outlook®
    Products for Microsoft® Office
    Excel Recovery Toolbox logo Excel Recovery Toolbox
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    Recover data from damaged XLS, XLT, XLSX, XLTX files of Microsoft® Excel
    Word Recovery Toolbox logo Word Recovery Toolbox
    Recover data from damaged DOC, DOT, DOCX, DOTX files of Microsoft® Word and RTF files of Rich Text format
    Other products
    Address Book Recovery logo Address Book Recovery
    Recover contacts form a damaged Windows® Address Book
    Flash Recovery Toolbox logo Flash Recovery Toolbox
    Recover a deleted files from a removable devices (SD/CF/MMC cards, USD devices and so on)
    Zip Recovery Toolbox logo Zip Recovery Toolbox
    Repair damaged / corrupted ZIP files and self-extracting (SFX) files.
    RAR Recovery Toolbox logo RAR Recovery Toolbox
    Repair damaged / corrupted RAR archives.
    SQL Server Recovery Toolbox logo SQL Server Recovery Toolbox
    Repair database files of Microsoft SQL Server (.mdf files).
    Access Recovery Toolbox logo Access Recovery Toolbox
    Repair database files of Microsoft Access (.mdb, .accdb).
    DBF Recovery Toolbox logo DBF Recovery Toolbox
    Repair database files of dBase, Clipper, Microsoft FoxPro (.dbf files).
    PDF Recovery Toolbox logo PDF Recovery Toolbox
    Repair store files of Adobe Acrobate / Adobe Reader (.pdf files).
    CD Recovery Toolbox Free logo CD Recovery Toolbox Free
    Recover files from damaged or corrupted CD/DVD/HD DVD/Blu-Ray disks.
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  • Exchange Server Recovery Toolbox logo
    Exchange Server Recovery Toolbox
    Repair database files of Microsoft Exchange Server (.edb, .stm files).
    Illustrator Recovery Toolbox logo Illustrator Recovery Toolbox
    Illustrator Recovery Toolbox is an easy-to-use tool allowing you to quickly and effectively recover corrupted Adobe Illustrator file (*.ai files).
    Photoshop Recovery Toolbox logo Photoshop Recovery Toolbox
    Photoshop Recovery Toolbox is an easy-to-use and convenient program with a powerful and extremely effective tool for recovering corrupted Adobe Photoshop files (*.psd) that has advanced data recovery algorithms.
    Project Recovery Toolbox logo Project Recovery Toolbox
    An effective tool for recovering Microsoft Project files
    Registry Recovery Toolbox logo Registry Recovery Toolbox
    A quick and effective tool for recovering corrupted registry files
    PowerPoint Recovery Toolbox logo PowerPoint Recovery Toolbox
    Efficient utility for recovering damaged MS PowerPoint presentations.
    OneNote Recovery Toolbox  logo OneNote Recovery Toolbox
    A tool for quick and effective recovery of corrupted MS OneNote notes
    OneNote Recovery Toolbox  logo MySql Recovery Toolbox
    A quick and effective tool for recovering corrupted MySQL databases
    DWG Recovery Toolbox  logo DWG Recovery Toolbox
    A tool for quick and effective recovery of AutoCAD DWG files
    CorelDraw Recovery Toolbox  logo CorelDraw Recovery Toolbox
    Efficient recovery of damaged CorelDraw .cdr files
    CorelDraw Recovery Toolbox  logo Lotus Notes Recovery Toolbox
    Recovers Lotus Notes files of *.nsf format.

    OE-Mail Recovery - Outlook Express e-mail recovery software

    Outlook Express Mail Recovery is easy to use Outlook Express Repair toolOutlook Express Recovery (Outlook Express repair) tool

    Outlook Recovery Toolbox - Outlook repair tool

    Address Book Recovery

    Windows Address Book Recovery (Windows Address Book repair) tool

    • Restore accidentally deleted contacts from the Windows Address Book (WAB).
    • View the changes archive on the contact.
    • Restore the contacts from the Windows Address Book (WAB) if has been defected by a virus or the database has become unreadable because of technical faults.

    Password Recovery Toolbox for Outlook

    • POP3 mail servers
    • IMAP mail servers
    • HTML mail servers, e.g. Hotmail, MSN
    • Microsoft LDAP Directory
    • Microsoft Mail

    Password Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Express

    Excel Recovery Toolbox

    Word Recovery Toolbox

    Flash Recovery Toolbox

    Zip Recovery Toolbox

    RAR Recovery Toolbox

    SQL Server Recovery Toolbox

    Access Recovery Toolbox

    DBF Recovery Toolbox

    • Recover the structure of table fields.
    • Recover table data. The program is also capable of processing MEMO fields and files associated with them.

    PDF Recovery Toolbox

    • PDF file parameters. PDF files contain information about their version and page sizes. If the recovery of page parameters is impossible, you can manually add such parameters as page size and orientation.
    • The structure of PDF files. PDF documents contain tables of internal cross-links that are part of the main document structure. If these tables are damaged, the document may appear unreadable. The software is capable or recovering these data and links used in them.
    • Fonts and other metadata. Fonts and other metadata can be integrated into PDF documents for their correct rendering. The program is capable of restoring these data in the majority of cases depending on the level or file corruption.
    • Contents of PDF files. You can recover texts, graphics and forms used in the document.

    Exchange Server Recovery Toolbox

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    Illustrator Recovery Toolbox

    Photoshop Recovery Toolbox

    Project Recovery Toolbox

    Registry Recovery Toolbox

    PowerPoint Recovery Toolbox

    OneNote Recovery Toolbox

    MySql Recovery Toolbox


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    DWG Recovery Toolbox

    CorelDraw Recovery Toolbox

    Lotus Notes Recovery Toolbox

    CD Recovery Toolbox Free

    How to recover Outlook Express messages?

    How to repair Outlook Express folders?

    The Outlook Express recovery procedure is divided into the following stages:

    1. Extracting the message from the damaged dbx file.
    2. Backing up the damaged dbx file.
    3. Creating a new empty Outlook Express folder.
    4. Copying the extracted message into the newly created Outlook Express folder.

    The detailed description of each stage of the Outlook Express recovery process.

    Step 1: Extracting the message from the damaged dbx file.

    Step 2: Backing up the damaged dbx file

    Step 3: Creating a new Outlook Express folder

    Step 4: Copying the extracted messages to the new Outlook Express folder

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